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SCNGA is an affiliate of SCGA and may sanction any golf club which meets the following requirements:

  1. Have 10 or more active golfers who are members of this Association.
  2. Have a currently elected set of responsible officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Handicap Chairman (preferably to serve 2 years).
  3. Have the President of each club represent said club as a Council member at all Council meetings.
  4. Have a club roster submitted and typed alphabetically on a SCNGA roster form with DUES & FEES to SCNGA treasurer by December 10.
  5. New members must submit completed SCGA new membership application and SCNGA application to SCNGA Treasurer. (Forms available from SCNGA Treasurer.)
  6. Have SCNGA/SCGA DUES & FEES paid in full to SCNGA Treasurer.


  1. Club presidents are expected to be familiar with SCNGA rules.
  2. New member applications turned into the SCGA by the 15th of each month will appear on the following month's roster.  For new members, December is not billed (a free month).  Get applications in before the 18th of November to the SCNGA Treasurer.
  3. New club handicap chairmen should request from SCGA a handicap manual for procedure familiarization. Handicap Chairman needs to be SCGA certified.
  4. All materials to be included in the meeting agenda must be submitted to the Secretary prior to the Council meeting at which time approval will be considered.
  5. SCNGA Life Membership are golfers 70 years and over and have been with the SCNGA 25 years or more. Qualified members get SCNGA dues exemption.
  6. General liability coverage is afforded at any SCNGA sponsored activities. This insurance will protect any SCNGA member as well as any SCNGA junior participant, from a third party law suit against liability arising from his/her participation in an SCNGA sanction event. This protection extends to not only bodily injury but also property damage
  7. Hole-in-one: Three hundred dollars ($300) is awarded for a hole-in-one in any SCNGA tournament.
  8. Sanctioned Golf Tournaments:
    1. Only SCNGA members are allowed in the golf competition.
    2. SCGA, USGA and SCNGA rules apply.
    3. All SCNGA facilities, handicap information, verifications, and personnel are available.
  9. Special Prize for Nisei Invitational Tournament: First place winners in each flight and Low Gross winner in the Championship Flight gets a free play in the Nisei Invitational the following year. Time period is limited to one year from date of winning prize.
Revised 11/7/2008

SCNGA Treasurer & Membership Chairman
Terry Matsumoto

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