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Course Handicap Calculator

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  1. Enter your SCGA Index number.
  2. Enter the slope of the course.
  3. Click the Handicap button.
  4. Read your course handicap.
If you don't know your current index go to the SCGA handicap page.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

Beginning January 1, 1998 the USGA will implement a new method of Equitable Stroke Control.

This new ESC combines a par-based system with a maximum-number system. The single-digit handicap player may now take a double bogey on any hole. The 10-19 handicap player may take a 7 on any hole, regardless of par; 20-29 may take an 8; 30-39 may take a 9 and 40 and above will be allowed a 10 on any hole.

The Chart below outlines the new allocation of strokes based on the players course handicap.

Maximum Number to be Posted
Course Handicap Par 3 Par 4 Par 5
9 or less 5 6 7
10-19 7 7 7
20-29 8 8 8
30-39 9 9 9
40+ 10 10 10

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